Friday, December 28, 2007


There's no idea in having a blog, when you don't want to update it on a regular basis, so I have desided to closed it down!

My (old) free graphic can now only be found through my homepage - on this page: Scrapbooking

-The page is only in danish! But hey, it's not that hard to find the pictures and download links :o) A Term of Use note is included in each download!

Happy Scrapping!
Update - Jan. 4, 2008: Thank you for your comments! From time to time, I will probably do some free scrapbook graphics - it's just better to give it away from my homepage, instead of using a blog, which I almost never use. So just look after the link above, and this is where I now, and in the future, will list my free graphics. I will just do it from that page alone, so you don't have to look through several danish written pages (which you probably don't understand!) to find the free graphics!

I haven't done much scrapbooking in the past 8 months.... I guess, that I'm more inspired, when I'm in love..... I need to be in love again - soon! ;o)